Dynamics of He Nanodroplets

Catherine Saladrigas

Dynamics in Helium Nanodroplets

Exploring the boundaries, commonalities, and distinct differences between the worlds of classical physics and quantum mechanics has led to some of the most fascinating revelations of modern science. In this activity, we explore the transition regions between the atomic and the macroscopic world and between classical and quantum physics. We use superfluid and normal fluid helium nanodroplets as unique testbeds for our understanding of the collective behavior of up to tens of billions of atoms, covering many orders of magnitude of individual atom and collective excitation. Employing ultrafast photoelectron and ion imaging spectroscopy with tabletop XUV light sources, as well as ultrafast coherent diffractive imaging and spectroscopy with X-ray Free Electron Lasers, such as LCLS and European XFEL, we gain a deeper understanding of dynamics in ground state, excited state, and highly ionized atomic clusters. We investigate phenomena ranging from the emergence of quantum vortices in rotating superfluid droplets, to the formation and relaxation of light induced nanoplasmas.

Dynamics of Helium Nanodroplets – Selected Publications

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